Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dwarf Dossier #1

So, the other day I was telling E. that I wanted to figure out a fun way to introduce our Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  He pipes up with "What about a Dwarf Dossier?".  "That's a great Idea!  Wait, what's a Dossier?" I ask.  So, for those of you that haven't encountered the French originating word:

Dossier (dos-ee-ey):  A collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially a complete file containing detailed information about a person or a topic.  French origin: 1875-1880.  (Information taken from dictionary.com)

So without further ado, here is Dwarf Dossier #1:



  1. Oops...I hadn't looked at Fiona first...so I guess you do milk your goats! About how much milk do you get a day from her? Do you have issues with your goats escaping (or issues with predators?) We live in the woods...so this is a concern for us.

    Hope you are staying warm!

  2. Hi Laura! So glad to hear you're interested in Nigerian Dwarf Goats; they are amazing little creatures! We only milk our goats once a day, in the evening. When she first freshened we were getting close to 3 cups from her, now we're getting around 2 cups. She seems to be holding pretty steady with her production, but there are better/worse days occasionally. We have raised 3 babies from birth and two more from two months. It's been so wonderful! I do have to say that the three that we have raised from birth like us much more than the other two. We handled them immediately and that really has proven to be key! We actually keep our goats penned up. My husband made panels out of cattle panels that have the 4"x4" squares, and welded them to chainlink fence railing. We have a lot of coyotes around here, so we have to keep them penned up. They say not to make your fencing so that the goats can't get out, but so that predators can't get in. I am by no means an expert on goats, but do let me know if you have any more questions. I really enjoy talking about them!