Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hub-E. and I go to bed relatively early, say between 8:30-9:00 PM.  The reason for that is, well, let's just say that 3:30 AM comes quickly!  Last night I shut the light off around 8:45 PM, and bam, I was out like a light.  The alarm goes off, so I roll over and hit snooze...yes maybe a few times.  Then the third time I unwillingly turn it off and flip on the light.  I glance at the clock and see that it reads 9:15!  OMGosh, I am late for work.  I run out to the kitchen to look at that clock, yep 9:15.  I stumble back into the bedroom, still in shock and delusional mind you, and tell E. IT'S "9:15!!".  I stand there looking at E. for a good thirty seconds and then I'm like "IT'S 9:15, we're late for work!?!"  He doesn't reply much other than with a wrinkled up squinty face.  Then all of a sudden it dawns on me.  Is it 9:15 PM??  I look at the clock again, and low and behold, 9:15 PM!  In a matter of thirty minutes I had fallen asleep and had been dreaming about my alarm clock going off, not once, not twice, but three times.  (So what if I like to hit the snooze??)  I guess the fact that it was still dark out should have given me a clue, but obviously I was not in a problem solving state of mind.  Hope your shut eye went better than mine!  Has this ever happened to you before??



  1. LOL! Now that is FUNNY!! Silly girl.

    1. I've only done that one other time, and I was still in high school. The phone in the next room rang, and again I thought it was the alarm. So, I shut it off, got up and showered and started getting ready. During the process I had glanced over at the clock and realized it was only 12:something. Goodness!

  2. Good Morning, Holly!

    Oh, dear, this brought tears of laughter to my eyes...for I can see myself doing this! (Actually, I have...on occasion!) We get up at 4:15 here it is usually dark when we rise. Also, in the winter, we lose our power on occasion (quite a few occasions!) so the alarm doesn't go off! So don't feel're not the only one out there!

    Have a blessed day!