Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Party Day

Today my husband E. and I are spending the day celebrating my 29th birthday.  My actual birthday is on October 11th, but due to certain circumstances (of which I will explain in a later post) we were forced to put off celebrating it until today.  29?!? Eeeek!  How in the world did this happen?  It seems like only yesterday I was graduating from high school and hitting the pavement with intentions of never looking back!  Ohh how time changes people, or is it how people find their true selves as time goes on?  Either way, here I am; there’s no turning back, no re-do’s, no CTRL-Z.  Onward march.

 We don’t shower each other with gifts, but we do like to give gifts that are meaningful, important, and/or useful.  This year E. took me to buy some new clothes.  I picked out a new shirt and vest.

E. and his parents put together a special jewelry box for me.  It’s a puzzle box.  He clocked me in at thirteen minutes; not too bad if I do say so myself.  
Puzzle Box. Painted and Assembled by E.

Other than that we spent the day together mostly just relaxing, and when I cooked, he cleaned up after me. Awesomeness!  Plus my mom surprised me with a old wagon wheel that I had eyed up at a garage sale but didn’t buy.  It’s been a great birthday party day, thanks to all of my loved ones.  29 doesn’t look so bad afterall.


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