An old soul in a new world

So I’m a little old fashioned, what can I say?  Now, when I say old fashioned, I don’t mean that I want to revert back to the rugged pioneering days.  Like most, I enjoy modern luxuries and not having to use an outhouse, especially in the dead of winter.  Yet, I have desires and interests that this modern world cannot compete with.  I would much rather stoke a fire than flip a switch.  I'd prefer to spend all day cooking than make a quick trip to town for some dish that contains mystery ingredients.  I am working on putting all of my trust and faith in Yahweh God rather than always asking why.

Things I enjoy: 
Sewing & Quilting
Cooking & Baking - From scratch with the freshest ingredients possible
Photography - Trying to get better at this 
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Country Life

Facts about me:
I am German, Irish and English
I Have a silly obsession with old mason jars, especially blue ones!
My favorite color is Green, and toward the olive spectrum
I have a hint of obsessive compulsiveness
I have a very good memory when it comes to completely useless information
I love eating and making cheese 

I hope that you'll join me on my journey to figuring out what my niche is in this day and age, and finding a balance between the old way of doing things and the modern way; it's bound to be quite the adventure.


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