Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Husqvarna Viking Tribute 140C

Well it's FINALLY here.  My Husqvarna Viking Tribute 140C.  Isn't she a beauty!?!

I have wanted a new machine for years, and found a screaming deal on this one, so I went for it.  So far I am more than satisfied!  She drives so smoothly, like a Lincoln Town Car as my mom would say.  So I put her to work right away and made up some rice pack shells.  What do you think??

Can't wait to hop back on tonight.  Feels good to look forward to creating!

My cousin asked me what I was going to name her.  After I pondered for a bit I decided to name her Astrid which is of Scandinavian origin meaning divine strength, beautiful goddess, and/or fair.  

Happy Wednesday everyone!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, Holly, I am soooooo jealous! Just kidding, I'm really happy for you. Can't wait to see all the wonderful things you are going to create with Astrid (great name, by the way!)!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!